South OC (Guild 015) First Meet/Greet and Build and Battle

What an awesome first meet and greet and an epic build and battle for HSSOC Guild 015 last Saturday (May 25) was! We had a 100% turnout with a waitlist. A member even mentioned she has at least 15 more friends who are interested but did not sign-up anymore because they knew our Guild was maxed out at 20 participants for this meeting. It is looking like pretty soon, we will have enough interest to form a Sunday and weekday meeting as well as another guild just in the South OC alone.  The Hacker Scouts movement has definitely reached this part of the country and we anticipate a whole lot of making, creating, designing, innovating, hacking, and learning adventures with more families soon. 2013-May-1stBuild

Thank you everyone for a wonderful afternoon. All the hardwork to make this happen definitely paid off. We look forward to the next activity! Special thanks to guild co-leaders Amy and Chris for all your help plus everyone who assisted the kids in the build. A lot of the Dads said choosing a 5 out 5 in difficulty project was definitely a challenge and that they look forward to the next projects! Thanks, too to co-member Dawn for getting us a free space at Michael’s for this meeting at such a short notice.

Please don’t forget to take videos of your judobots. Maybe next meeting, our Hacker Scouts can play and battle with their even more improved versions.  We heard a few who couldn’t wait to add more features or revise certain parts to make their judobots even better.

The following are the next opportunities to meet for our Hacker Scouts South Orange County (HSSOC) Guild:
June 9: Sunday Family Open Lab: Spontaneous Creations (field trip organized by Junior Apprentice Circle)
June 23: #2 Open Lab
July 28: #3 Open Lab
Aug 17: Hacker Scouts joins Orange County Mini Maker Faire at Beall Center, UC Irvine
(OC Hacker Scouts and Sparks Guilds, will be hosting day-long young makers’ activities and a Cardboard Challenge)
Aug 25: #3 Open Lab
Sept 8: Start of Hackerling Circuit Project (12-week long)

If you are interested to join us, please contact us and subscribe to ourFacebook Group.

We are collecting Hacker Scouts first meeting impressions for another post! We will share those as soon as we are able to put them together.

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