South OC (Guild 015): First Impressions

When asked what their favorite part of our very first Meet/Greet and Build and Battle was, here’s what some of our 20 Hacker Scouts participants had to say:
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Everything!” – S.B., 10
What i liked about the activity was the creative freedom given. The design of the judobot is critical in how effectively it will work. Even if  I didn’t complete mine during the time given, I still learned how each of the parts worked. I learned how I can create and complete an improved version. I am looking forward to future Hacker Scouts projects and learning more skills from them.” – C.P., 12

I enjoyed having all the supplies ready and the minimal directions and being left to “do the experiment” almost on my own. Since we didn’t quite finish, we are still working on it at home.” E.H., 9

I liked building the judobots but it was harder than I thought. My favorite part of the time was making and playing around with new friends at Panera.” S.dS., 9

Watch a short video clip of the judobot battle here.

Repurposed Judobot as a cat toy.

*Photos by Teresa B.

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